Click & Collect

Order great quality food and drink in a couple of clicks through our onboard hub.

Order food and drink from the comfort of your seat.

Using your phone, tablet or laptop, simply handpick the refreshments that take your fancy and place your order*.
Log in to our free onboard WiFi and start scrolling the tasty selection of train snacks.

*Click & Collect is subject to availability and you must be connected to our onboard WiFi. If this service is unavailable for any reason, you can find food and drink in our onboard shop.


Click & Collect

Join our WiFi to choose food and drink from the comfort of your seat.

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Onboard Shop Menu

Check out what food and drinks we have onboard.

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Who processes the payment?

What payments are accepted?

How do I place an order?

Do I need to open an account?

Do I need to download an app?

How do I ask for any extras (extra sugar/milk in my coffee)?

Is there a service fee?

Can I tip?

I’ve received the wrong order, how can I get help?

Can I amend or cancel an order once it’s been placed?

I have an allergy; can I see what products are right for me?

Is my card information safe?

Can I pay using cash?

I’ve tried to order, but I keep getting shown an error telling me I have no connection to the website.

Can I get a VAT receipt?

Can I place an order using mobile data (3g/4g/5g)?

Do you store my data?

I was placing an order, but I lost connection to the website, how do I know if it went through?

I am not happy with my order; how do I get a refund?

I can’t get on the WiFi, can I still order?

I haven’t received a confirmation email yet, but my order went through

Will I get marketing emails?

Is Click and Collect always available?