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Find the best places to eat in Liverpool with Avanti. Explore traditional pubs, global flavours and more for unforgettable dining experiences

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3 min read | 22 May 2024

Liverpool’s dining options offer a diverse range of flavours, blending traditional dishes with modern cuisine. From bustling markets to cosy cafes, the city has dining options for every taste and budget.

Let’s explore some of the best places to eat in Liverpool and discover the gastro-delights that await in the city.

Find the best places to eat in Liverpool

The food and drink scene in Liverpool is bursting with flavour and excitement, a melting pot of culture and flavours coming together to create a gastronomic delight. From casual bites to unforgettable feasts, Liverpool offers dining experiences for every occasion.

Enjoy traditional British fare

For a taste of Liverpool's traditional culinary scene, seek out its historic pubs. Scouse, a hearty stew, is a must-try local speciality.

Or explore the city's maritime heritage with fresh fish and chips, a beloved British classic.

  • Maggie May's: A local Liverpool institution offering comforting, traditional food options. Maggie May’s serves up hearty portions of Scouse and other classic British dishes in a cosy, welcoming atmosphere.
  • The Baltic Fleet: A historic pub exuding in character. The Baltic Fleet offers classic pub fare alongside a selection of local ales.

Top choices for veggies and vegans

Liverpool's dining scene caters to those seeking plant-based options. Find vegetarian and vegan restaurants with creative dishes made from fresh, seasonal ingredients.

  • The Caledonia: This traditional pub boasts a separate vegan menu filled with creative takes on classic pub fare. It proves that plant-based dining can be both comforting and delicious.
  • Down the Hatch: This vegan and veggie-friendly spot has a fun, relaxed vibe and a menu full of delicious, comforting plant-based food. Enjoy indulgent flavours without any compromise.

Discover international flavours

Liverpool's cosmopolitan spirit reflects its diverse culinary offerings.

Start by exploring the vibrant flavours of Bold Street, a hub of international cuisine. Here you'll find everything from Middle Eastern mezze platters to fiery Indian curries.

Or, venture beyond the city centre to discover hidden gems serving authentic dishes from around the world.

  • Maray: Maray brings the bold flavours of the Middle East to Liverpool. With small plates and sharing platters, it’s the perfect spot for a social dining experience.
  • Mowgli: This popular Indian street food restaurant offers a vibrant atmosphere. Its menu packs a range of fresh and flavourful dishes that you won’t find elsewhere.
  • Paul Askew’s Art School: A fine dining experience serves a concise guestlist custom menus by award-winning chefs.
Liverpool Christmas market

Where to go for drinks in Liverpool

Liverpool has a diverse drinks scene, with everything from classic pubs to innovative cocktail bars. With many renowned establishments to choose from, a good drink is never far away.

  • The Alchemist: Step into a world of mixology mastery at The Alchemist for hand-crafted theatrical cocktails. With expert techniques, surprising ingredients, and a stylish space, it offers a unique experience.
  • Berry and Rye: Hidden away behind an unmarked door, Berry and Rye exudes speakeasy charm. This intimate cocktail lounge serves up classic drinks in a cosy, mysterious atmosphere.
  • The Grapes and Ye Cracke: A traditional pub that’s an old Beatles favourite based in the Georgian Quarter.
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