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6 min read | Published 6 May 2024


Avanti West Coast's Pendolino trains combine innovative design with modern comforts. With tilting technology for high-speed travel and the completion of a major refurbishment, you can enjoy a comfortable and convenient journey.

Exploring Pendolino Trains

Pendolino trains have a unique place in rail history. Designed in Italy in the 1960s, their innovative tilting technology allows them to maintain high speeds through curves, providing a smoother and faster ride.

Introduced to the UK in the early 2000s, Pendolino trains are now exclusively operated by Avanti West Coast.

After a major refurbishment in 2023, all our 11-coach Pendolino trains have been equipped with even more amenities. These include wireless charging, increased luggage space and even more Standard Class seats.

Our 9-coach Pendolino trains will also be entirely refurbished to the same standard by the end of summer 2024.

Delay Compensation Table

Technical specifications

For train enthusiasts seeking an in-depth understanding of our Pendolino trains, here you can find all the comprehensive information on both the 9-car and 11-car formations:

Class 390 390
Top Speed 125 mph / 200 km 125 mph / 200 km
Formations 9 cars 11 cars
Seats First: 99 / Standard: 362 First 99 / Standard 508
Building Year 2001 – 2004 2001 – 2004 & 2010 – 2012
Fleet Size 21 35
Tilt Enabled Enabled
Train Length 217 m 265 m
External Width of Trailer 2.73 m 2.73 m
Train Mass (Tare) 466 t 567 t
Cab Length 24.60m (25.06m inc g/way) 24.60m (25.06m inc g/way)
Coach Length 23.00m (23.90m inc g/way) 23.00m (23.90m inc g/way)
Max Power at Rail 5.1 MW 5.95 MW
Max Power at Pan 6.7 MW 7.8 MW
Starting Effort 25kV 204 kN 238 kN
Acceleration 0.37 m/s² 0.36 m/s²
Time 0 to 60mph 66s 68s
Motored Axels 12 14
Wheel Axels 36 44

Travel on a Pendolino

Whether you're seeking a comfortable journey or a luxurious upgrade, our Pendolino trains offer the perfect travel experience. Indulge in the spacious comfort of Standard Class or elevate your journey with the exclusive amenities of First Class.

When you book First Class with us, you can enjoy access to our First Class Lounges at select stations, where complimentary refreshments await.

Once onboard, settle into your extra-spacious seat with a guaranteed table and savour delicious food and drinks served directly to you. Our fresh, seasonal menu and dedicated host will ensure an unforgettable journey.

Onboard essentials

From essential amenities to added comforts, our Pendolino trains offer everything you need for a pleasant trip:

  • Bringing your bike: With Avanti, you can easily bring your bike along and discover your destination at your own pace
  • Keeping refreshed: Satisfy your cravings with delicious snacks, meals and drinks from our onboard shop
  • Pets on board: If you’re travelling with your pet, we’ve got tips to ensure a smooth and comfortable trip for your furry friend
  • Packing smart: Our Pendolino trains offer ample luggage storage to make sure you can travel with everything you need
  • Staying connected: We offer free onboard WiFi which means you’ll never miss a beat

Reserving seating

While seat reservations aren't mandatory on Pendolino trains, they're recommended. That’s why when you book your ticket, we will assign you a specific seat.

But don’t worry if you don’t like the seat that we assign you. Using our Seat Picker, you can amend your booking and reserve any of the available seats left on your journey.

To find unreserved seating, will depend on the formation of your Pendolino train. If it’s an 11-coach formation, you will find unreserved seating in Coaches C, G and U. If it’s a nine-coach formation, Coach C is the only designated coach for unreserved seats.

Using the seating plan 

Customise your Pendolino journey by selecting your preferred seat when booking. Whether you want a window view, aisle access, or a table for work or play, choose the spot that suits you best.

Use our Pendolino seating plan for a visual guide to help you choose.

Quiet coaches on our Pendolinos

Need a quiet break away from the bustle of train travel? On our Pendolino trains, you’ll find our designated Quiet Coaches in Coach A.

Here, you can unwind, catch up on work or enjoy a rest without being disturbed.

Accessibility onboard the Pendolino

It is our goal to ensure that all our passengers have all the accessibility support they need to enjoy a comfortable journey on our Pendolino trains.

For mobility-impaired passengers

  • Wheelchair spaces: Our Pendolino trains are equipped with dedicated wheelchair spaces in both Standard and First Class. Specifically, one wheelchair space is available in Standard Premium and First Class (in Coach J) and two additional spaces in Standard Class (Coaches B and D).
  • Accessible toilets: Located near the wheelchair spaces, our accessible toilets are designed for ease of use for passengers with mobility challenges.
  • Onboard assistance: Our well-trained crew is always ready to assist with onboard ramps to help with boarding and alighting.

For passengers with sensory impairments

  • Audiovisual information: Our trains feature public-address systems and visual displays in every coach that offer live journey updates, including destinations and next stops.
  • Assistance announcements: Our onboard teams have been trained to provide clear and timely announcements. If you have difficulty hearing, please inform our staff as soon as possible to receive personalised assistance.
  • Assistance dogs: Assistance dogs are welcome onboard our trains and can accompany passengers in all areas of the train.

For passengers with additional needs

  • JAM card: The JAM Card signifies a need for patience, aiding those with communication challenges. It is recognised by our informed staff to ensure passengers receive the understanding and time they need.
  • Sunflower Scheme: Partnering with the Sunflower Scheme, we recognise the sunflower lanyard as a sign of hidden disabilities.

Our enhanced support services

  • Passenger Assist: We also offer personalised planning and support with our Passenger Assist service. This means we can make sure your booking covers everything you need, from reserving wheelchairs and seats to help getting on and off the train.
  • Travel Companion: Whether you’re at the station or onboard your train, our Travel Companion service ensures you can receive any help you need instantly. Simply message via WhatsApp and our dedicated team will be there to support you.

Pendolino Routes

Our Pendolino trains offer fast and convenient connections across a network of top UK destinations. You can enjoy a ride on a Pendolino service on the following routes from London Euston:

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