Travel companion

We’ve launched Travel Companion, a dedicated communications channel to provide disabled customers with instant support during their journey.

Providing instant help during your journey

Staffed by specialist members of Avanti West Coast’s social media team who have passion and empathy for accessibility, as well as knowledge of it, Travel Companion aims to improve journeys when the unexpected happens by giving disabled customers the opportunity to chat to someone in real time that really understands.

Whether it’s a lift suddenly out of order, or a wheelchair user needing help from a Train Manager while onboard, customers can reach out for extra assistance by messaging Avanti West Coast Travel Companion on WhatsApp. A member of the team will then exchange messages with the customer to check their needs and help in a way that’s right for them.

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How does it work?

The channel utilises WhatsApp to connect passengers on the West Coast Main Line to dedicated resource who will be able support any passengers that need it.

To give it a try next time you travel with Avanti, give us a message on WhatsApp on 07980037037 or by clicking the link below:

Click here

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