Travelling By Train With Your Pets

Need to travel with pets? With Avanti West Coast you can travel with up to two pets for free. Find out more about travelling with dogs, cats & other pets.

Travelling with pets on Avanti West Coast trains

Here’s all the info you need on taking the train with dogs, cats and other furry travel companions.

Is my dog allowed on Avanti West Coast trains? 

How could we say no? When you travel with Avanti West Coast, you can take up to two domestic pets with you for no extra charge. Each additional pet thereafter is £5 more. 

What other animals can travel with me on the train?

Cats, birds and any other small domesticated animals are all welcome to join you on our trains. 

If you have any doubts about whether your pet is allowed on the train, or if you have any questions about travelling with an animal, just check in advance by calling us on 0345 528 0253.

Do I need to keep my pet in a carrier on the train?

We ask that all dogs on trains are kept on a lead at all times unless they’re in a carrier. Dogs without leads, cats, birds and other smaller animals should also be kept in a pet carrier no larger than 85 x 60 x 60 cm.

All of our passengers should travel in comfort – even the four-legged ones – so if you’re travelling with an animal, your carrier should be designed to allow your pet to stand and lie down easily.

Travelling with an assistance dog

If travelling on an Avanti West Coast service with an assistance dog or any other type of assistance animal, we want to make sure you get everything you need on your journey.

If you require assistance on your journey, just give us a heads up by booking travel assistance online, or by calling 0345 528 0253. With your permission, we’ll keep your information in our booking system for two years and share it with Network Rail and other train operating companies so that we can make sure your needs are met, even when you’re not travelling on one of our trains.

Can I travel First Class with my dog or other pet?

Naturally. We don’t want your pet missing out on the first class experience. If you have a First Class train ticket, you’re welcome to travel with assistance dogs and well-behaved dogs on leads. Other small animals can also join you in First Class, just so long as they’re in a comfortable carrier with room to stand up.