Trains, games and colouring-in

Banish the boredom and make your way to the Imagination Station for kids both big and small. Even the biggest kids (that’s you, adults) are welcome.

How to get started:

Go old school

Download and print it.

Download and enjoy 

Go digital

  • Download it to your mobile
  • Take a screenshot of each activity sheet
  • Save in your ‘Photos’
  • Open photo
  • Hit ‘Edit’ and use the ‘MarkUp’ pen/draw


Don’t forget to save once you’re done.

the imagination station Avanti West Coast kids' activities

And, when your masterpiece is complete make sure you share it with us on instagram or .

We can't wait to see your creations!

Your pop-up Pendolino

The Imagination Station Pendolino

There’s a 3D Avanti West Coast train waiting to pop out of this page.
So get your engineering brain in gear, ready to make your very own model train.
Fire up your printer, grab some colouring pencils and set your little ones loose on our new Pendolino paper model trains. There’s one train in Avanti West Coast colours.
Plus, there’s a blank one for crayon-lovers to colour in and add passengers in the windows.

        Our colours

Make your train

      Colour your own

Make your train