The best places to eat in Glasgow

Glasgow is a foodie haven for those who enjoy both culinary tradition and innovation. As you meander through its cobbled streets, every aroma and flavour beckons, promising a tasty bite to eat.

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5 min read | 8 March 2024

The city has a creative and award-winning food scene, catering for all tastes and budgets. The city is frequently named as a top city for vegetarians, is home to two Michelin-starred restaurants, weekly street food markets, and has a brunch and afternoon tea scene to rival the best of them!

Below, we explore the city's dining landscape, from age-old Scottish staples to contemporary delights that will both satisfy and surprise.

Finding the best food and drinks in Glasgow

Food in Glasgow is a culinary voyage. Here, old meets new. Rustic bakeries nestle beside cutting-edge eateries, each sending inviting aromas into the brisk Scottish air.

At its heart, Glasgow cherishes its culinary roots, but there's an undeniable streak of innovation.

For many, food in Glasgow is an exploration of Scotland's rich tapestry. Traditional venues serve age-old Scottish dishes. It's a bite of history, a taste of home.

But look a little closer, and you’ll find modern establishments. These places aren’t just about food, they’re experiences. They play with flavours, textures, and traditions, presenting the familiar in unexpected ways.

Whatever you have a hankering for, these are a few of our restaurant recommendations for Glasgow:

Where to eat for traditional Scottish fare

Let’s not forget the classics. Haggis is a must-try. A rich dish, it brings together 'neeps' and 'tatties' in a hearty embrace. And for those who dare? A deep-fried Mars bar awaits. It's unusual, yes, but a sweet testament to Glasgow's playful spirit.

  • The Gannet: The Gannet brings haute cuisine to the Highlands. They offer a seasonal menu, often providing fresh takes on Scottish classics.
  • Cafe Candolfi: Cafe Candolfi is a local favourite that serves up great Scottish produce alongside renowned hospitality.

Where to eat for veggies and vegans

Vegans and vegetarians looking for somewhere to eat in Glasgow will find it’s a paradise. The city has embraced plant-based diets with enthusiasm, leading to a surge in vegetarian and vegan-only establishments.

These spots push the envelope, creating dishes that are as flavourful as they are sustainable.

  • Down to Earth: Down to Earth offers a menu that’s (almost) entirely meat-free. Thanks to this, this trendy spot is our go-to for flexitarian fare.
  • ViVi’s DELI: ViVi’s DELI serves 100% vegan favourites and sweet treats. This makes it the perfect place to pick up a small bite or something on the go.

Where to eat for brunch

The brunch scene is off the charts, with each of the city’s neighbourhoods home to brilliant spots for eggs-any-ways. Better yet, each of the city’s distinct neighbourhoods caters for all your brunching needs.

  • Singl-end: Singl-end has two popular city centre locations, with everything you could hope for on the menu. They even have a dish called The Everything that features avocado and chilli smash, crumbled feta, poached eggs on toasted sourdough, and more.
  • Café Strange Brew: In the southside is the likes of Café Strange Brew, which is featured in the Lonely Planet's Glasgow Guide. It’s hard to decide from their menu, but one recommendation is the brew’s breakfast burrito.

The Barras Market

Where to eat for seafood

Scotland, known for its seafood, makes its presence felt in Glasgow's dining scene. Fresh catches from nearby waters grace the plates, ensuring that the seafood served is as fresh as it gets. Whether it’s a creamy bowl of Cullen skink or a plate of fresh langoustines, the city serves oceanic bounty with pride.

  • Gamba: Considered the number one name for seafood and fine dining in Glasgow, you can indulge in luxury alongside lobsters, seabass and other local catches.
  • Salt and Vinegar: For more quintessential fish fare, this quirky spot offers fresh fish and chips alongside nautical decor.

Where to eat for families

Travelling with the family? There are plenty of fantastic options available, including the city’s street food markets. These feature multiple vendors, meaning every member of the family can choose their favourite cuisine.

  • Paesano and Sugo: Paesano on the cool Miller Street, just off George Square, serves traditional Neapolitan pizza. They keep it simple with a walk-in-only policy and with only 10 variations on their menu, as well as specials.

Meanwhile, sister restaurant, Sugo has replicated the successful model, but this time for pasta! Both locations have lots of space and energy and offer tasty food but at affordable prices.

  • Dockyard Social: Dockyard Social, based at SWG3 in the cool Finnieston area, is open each weekend and has a variety of vendors and entertainment.

Where to go for beers, cocktails, and more

If looking towards the latter half of the day for something a little stronger, there are many stylish cocktail bars to choose from.

Here, drinks in Glasgow are paired with laughter, a tune, and a memory. But if cocktails are more your style, the city isn’t lacking. From the timeless to the trendy, bars in Glasgow craft their mixes with both flair and finesse.

  • The Anchor Line: The Anchor Line on the elegant St Vincent Place is housed in the former headquarters of The Anchor Line shipping company. The plush bar and restaurant serve pre and post-prohibition style drinks within New York-style surroundings.
  • Devil of Brooklyn: For something a little more secret but still on the US theme, try Devil of Brooklyn. Also in the city centre at Renfield Street, this speakeasy-style bar serves up cocktails such as Penicillin, and Snake Oil.

Where to eat for special occasions

Visit the charming west end, full of traditional Victorian tenements, beautiful parks and a bohemian vibe. Book a meal at Cail Bruich found on Great Western Road. The Michelin-starred restaurant offers a menu influenced by the Scottish seasons and will not disappoint.
The Dukes Umbrella

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