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Discover the best places to eat in Manchester, from traditional pubs to trendy bistros. Explore our guide for top dining spots and local flavours!

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5 min read | 28 March 2024

Mixing innovation with tradition, Manchester offers visitors an eclectic and unique dining scene. It’s a small wonder that a city renowned for its vibrant culture and rich history would have culinary experiences to match.

From casual eateries to fine-dining havens, Manchester is ready to cater to every palate and occasion. Let’s now explore some of the best places to eat in Manchester.

Find the best places to eat in Manchester

As a cornerstone of British culture and history, Manchester’s range of restaurants is sure to leave you with a full stomach and an empty plate. But with so much to choose from, it can be difficult to decide where to eat in Manchester, especially if you’re only in the city for a couple of nights.

Best local favourite places to eat in Manchester

If you’re looking for a taste of local culture, consider a visit to the Marble Arch or ‘The Arch’ as it's known by locals.

Found in the Angel Meadow neighbourhood, this gastropub offers traditional dining with a modern twist. It's also renowned for its array of beers, delivered fresh from the cask.

Best places to eat in Manchester with family

For families seeking a friendly spot that offers food for everyone to enjoy, places like Rudy’s Neapolitan Pizza are a great choice. Sure to delight young and old alike, their focus on fresh, quality ingredients has shot them to culinary stardom in Manchester.

Rudy’s even has three locations currently open across the city, found on Peter Street, Portland Street, and Ancoats.

For a family-friendly location, Escape to Freight Island provides a varied dining and entertainment experience. This amazing venue, located next to Piccadilly Station, features an array of independent food vendors, making it an ideal spot for families with diverse culinary preferences.

Exchange Square, Manchester

Best places to eat in Manchester with dogs

For those travelling with dogs, you can enjoy a meal at Alberts Schloss. This is a dog-friendly venue that seamlessly combines a Bavarian beer hall atmosphere with a modern twist.

Dogs are welcome in the outdoor seating area, allowing guests to enjoy a meal with their furry friends by their side.

Best places to eat in Manchester for special occasions

Finally, Manchester isn’t without the finer things when it comes to eating out. If you’re looking for somewhere that offers avant-garde British cuisine, Mana should be your first choice.

The first restaurant in Manchester to gain a Michelin star Mana has garnered international acclaim. Located in Ancoats, Mana is a true culinary gem, showcasing Chef Simon Martin's innovative approach to modern British cuisine.

The meticulously curated menu, featuring locally sourced ingredients, takes diners on a gastronomic journey, making it a must-visit for those seeking a fine dining experience.

Best diverse places to eat in Manchester

For those looking to explore the latest additions to Manchester's culinary landscape, Fenix is a recent favourite.

This Greek-inspired restaurant quickly made big waves attracting a galaxy of stars and offering a contemporary and exciting dining experience. With a focus on Greek Mediterranean cuisine and some Asian and Latin American influences, Fenix is a testament to Manchester's ever-evolving foodie landscape.

For an independent dining experience, look no further than Maray. Situated next to the iconic Manchester Town Hall, Maray offers a Parisian menu inspired by Middle Eastern and Mediterranean flavours, using locally sourced ingredients.

The restaurant's commitment to sustainability and unique flavour combinations makes it a standout choice among Manchester's independent eateries.

Northern Quarter, Manchester

Best places to eat in Manchester for vegetarians and vegans

Vegetarians and vegans will also find themselves in great company as the city has fully embraced plant-based dining.

One of the establishments leading this charge is Bundobust. Here, avoiding animal products isn’t a restriction. Instead, it celebrates innovation and sustainability while ensuring fantastic flavours for customers.

Best places for brunch in Manchester

When it comes to brunch, Evelyn's Cafe Bar in the Northern Quarter is a top choice. Known for its laid-back atmosphere and delicious brunch options, this cosy spot is a favourite among locals.

The Oast House, Manchester

Best pubs and bars in Manchester

If you’re after some of the best cocktails in the city, The Daisy is a must. This subterranean Parisian-inspired gem beneath Eveyln’s, offers an extensive cocktail menu, showcasing both classic concoctions and innovative blends.

It's the perfect place to unwind and savour expertly mixed drinks in the heart of the eclectic Northern Quarter.

For those seeking the charm of a traditional pub, The Peveril of the Peak is a classic choice. This historic pub, dating back to 1829, exudes old-world charm with its Victorian decor and a selection of fine ales.

For a more modern pub experience, Sadlers Cat, with its contemporary design and a diverse range of craft beers, makes for a great place for those looking for a cool pub scene.

There are also trendy spots like Three Little Words and award-winners such as Schofield’s Bar are the place to be. From classic drinks to inventive cocktails, they both offer unrivalled ambience and creativity.

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