Train vs Plane? It’s no contest

There’s no better way to travel within the UK.

Spend less time on the tarmac and more time making tracks. If you’re travelling between London, Birmingham or Glasgow, we think train beats plane every day of the week, especially when it’s First Class. Here’s why… 

  • Prepping for the journey 
  • All the benefits of First Class lounge
  • Onboard benefits
  • Arrival

Take back your travel time 

With no check-ins, airport security or boarding queues, you’ll spend 94% of your journey time on board our trains where you can make the most of your journey. Get stuck into some work, or sit back and watch the world go by, it’s completely up to you. 

Fast and frequent 

Avanti West Coast run 54 high speed trains between London and Scotland every weekday, plus another 80 over the weekend. That means you’re sure to find a time that suits your plans. 

A service to set your watch by

A staggering 87% of our trains reach the station within 10 minutes of their designated arrival time, so you can plan your day right down to the minute. (Data as of August 2016).

Your office on wheels 

With a table at every seat, as well as that all-important plug point, you’ll have everything you need to get a head start on work before you reach your destination. Plus, you’ll have more leg room and wider seats to stretch out on. 

Free WiFi and on-board entertainment

Whether you’re firing off emails or scrolling through Instagram, you can forget ‘flight mode’ and surf, post or browse to your heart's content with free on-board WiFi.

First Class service, right to your seat

Our weekday First Class menus feature a selection of locally-sourced British meat, sustainably-sourced fish and a fabulous selection of mouth-watering snacks and treats. Best of all, our on-board staff will bring it all right to you. It’s a long way from plane food. 

No more expensive airport transfers

Step off our trains and right into the heart of the action, with stations slap bang in the middle of the city, not miles away at the airport. That means no costly taxis into the city centre, so you can get straight to business.  

First Class lounges

Our First Class lounges help you get every journey off to a good start, with WiFi, drinks, snacks, and weekday newspapers while you wait for your train, all on us. Get started on some work, or relax before the journey, it’s your call. 

Charge points at every seat

Just because the drinks are no charge, doesn’t mean your laptop should be. Keep your devices juiced up with plug points at every seat in our First Class carriages. 

No booking fees

Pay for your ticket and nothing else. No hidden costs, no card fees and absolutely no booking fees. Ever. And with our Price Promise Guarantee, you’ll never find a better price on Avanti West Coast train tickets. 

Your choice of seat, free of charge

On Avanti West Coast trains, you don’t have to pay for the privilege of choosing where you sit. Whether you prefer window or aisle, facing forward or back, just make your choice when you book your Advance ticket

Low carbon footprint

We all want to do our part to protect the environment, but sometimes it’s as simple as making the right travel choices. Avanti West Coast trains use just 6% of the total CO2 emitted by a plane taking the same journey. That’s one tiny carbon footprint. 

Skip the queues 

Book ahead and download your tickets sent straight to your phone or device. You’ll beat standing in line and be on your way in a flash. 

No need to check luggage

With plenty of space to store your luggage on board, there’s no need to wait for checked luggage at your destination. Simply pop your bags in the luggage areas by the doors, or above or below your seat.


Book direct

Book direct and never pay booking fees.

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