Third-party spend is one of the highest costs incurred by AWC, so in order to ensure that AWC get the very best value for money possible for every £ that is spent, a wide range & network of suppliers is required to work with us, helping provide the goods and services to meet the needs that the business define.

Aligned to this, the Department for Transport (DfT) have stipulations and requirements, articulated in AWC’s new National Rail Contract (NRC), which contains specific guidance on working to defined ‘Commercial Considerations’ and as a ‘Good and Efficient Operator’.

The AWC Procurement team ensure that the suppliers we work with are the ‘right’ ones to do business with, in terms of their safety credentials & capabilities, and that they operate in a risk-minimised, legal, ethical, transparent, auditable & sustainable way - aligned with FirstGroup and AWC key Policies & Procedures, including AWC’s Sustainable Procurement & Supply Chain Strategy & in line with the requirements of the NRC.

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First Group and all its operational Train Operating Companies (TOC’s) have partnered with Achilles, one of the world’s largest service providers of global supply chain risk management solutions, to introduce a new supplier registration and assurance solution.

Achilles will collect and manage the data that will serve as our main source of up-to-date and verified supplier information to support Supply Chain and Procurement decisions. More information on this is available upon request, or at