Nectar points

Our partnership with Nectar will be ending on 31 May 2022.

Why is Avanti West Coast leaving the Nectar Scheme?

We’ve enjoyed a great partnership with Nectar. However, over the last couple of years we’ve had to adapt what we offer so we can deliver the best value for money for our customers and taxpayers. 

When will Avanti West Coast stop offering Nectar points? 

You can collect Nectar points with us until midnight on 31 May 2022. After this, you will no longer be able to collect Nectar points when you book through our website or app.

If I make a booking, how long will it take for Nectar points to appear in my account?

We’ll do this for you as quickly as we can. All Nectar points you earn with Avanti West Coast up to, and including 31 May 2022 will be in your account within 28 days of your booking with us.

What happens to my existing Nectar points?

Don’t worry, the Nectar points you collected with us will still be available through your Nectar account at

Will I still be able to see all the Nectar points I collected with Avanti West Coast?

Yes. Just head over to your Nectar account at to see all the points you collected with us.   

Will Avanti West Coast still know my Nectar card number after 31 May 2022?

No - Avanti West Coast have never known your Nectar Card number. Your privacy is protected by strict GDPR rules which we will, of course, always follow. Only Nectar have access to your number.

How can I keep up to date on the latest offers from Avanti West Coast?

There are many ways to find great offers and deals on your tickets: You can:

Visit our ways to save page

Download our Avanti West Coast app

Sign up for Advance ticket alerts

How to claim Nectar points until 31 May 2022?

1. Line up your Nectar cardGet your Nectar card ready, if you don’t have one yet, what are you waiting for? Sign up here > 

2. Book your trip - Book your journey using our website or app.

Buy Tickets

3. Enter your Nectar number - Enter your Nectar card number on checkout page. Your Nectar points are based on the value of your entire journey, even if you’re not with us for the whole route. You’ll get two points for every £1 you spend on tickets with us.

4. Spend spend spend - Nectar points will be ready to use in your account within 28 days of your ticket purchase. You can’t use them to buy train tickets, but there are plenty of other ways to spend. Visit Nectar for inspiration.