Rail Safety for Train Enthusiasts

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3 min read | Published 30 May 2024

Love trains? Stay safe on our network

Look after yourself while you’re looking out for trains.

Rail fans are welcome at our stations and on trains. (We’re massive train enthusiasts ourselves). But above anything else, train station safety is most important. Before you set off, please make sure you read our guidelines and rail safety rules. Between 2022 and 2023 there were over 1.4 billion rail journeys made across the United Kingdom, so it is essential for everyone to stay safe as our platforms and trains can be very busy at times.   

Staying safe at stations and on trains


  • Tell a member of staff that you’re here and what you want to do
  • Always follow any instructions our staff give you
  • Be considerate of customers and staff
  • Avoid busy areas of the platform

Please don’t

  • Run on platforms
  • Wear high visibility clothing
  • Wear clothing that can be confused for staff uniform

Train photography is allowed, but please follow our photo and video guidance

  • Ask for permission from Avanti West Coast if it’s for commercial use
  • Never use a flash – it’s dangerous
  • Only use tripods in a safe place behind the yellow line and away from people
  • Remember taking photographs of CCTV or security equipment is not allowed 

Read our railway safety rules 

  • Always stand clear of platform edges and behind the yellow line
  • Never trespass in non-passenger areas of the rail network
  • Please don’t interfere with staff duties or train or platform equipment
  • Listen to station and onboard announcements
  • Remember our staff will always put safety first. You may be asked to move from a certain area or to leave the station altogether

Get to know the railway byelaws

These tell you what behaviour is expected of everyone using the UK rail network, including stations, trains and track. Read the byelaws

Enjoy yourself

Have a great, safe day. If you get a good pic, why not share with us on Twitter or Instagram

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