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6 min read | Published 6 May 2024


Avanti West Coast's Super Voyager trains are built for speed and convenience. With their tilting technology, they can streak across winding routes without compromising on your comfort.

Exploring Super Voyager Trains

Super Voyager trains have a long history in the UK, first hitting the rails in the early 2000s.

Today, you'll find Super Voyagers operated by both Avanti West Coast and CrossCountry, offering journeys across a wide network of routes.

They are also packed with modern features and amenities to make your trip enjoyable. These include onboard WiFi, plug sockets for every seat, comfortable seating, an onboard shop and luggage storage in every carriage. 

Delay Compensation Table

Technical specifications

For train enthusiasts looking for detailed technical information on our Super Voyager trains, you’ll find everything there is to know below:

Class 221
Top Speed 125 mph / 200 kmh
Formations 10 cars
Seats First: 26 / Standard: 230
Building Year 2001 – 2002
Fleet Size 18 (Currently)
Tilt Enabled
Train Length 118.35 m
External Width of Trailer 2.73 m
Train Mass (Tare) 282.5 t
Motored Axels 10

Travel on a Super Voyager

Choose your perfect travel experience on a Super Voyager. There's Standard Class for comfortable journeys and First Class for those wanting an extra luxurious experience.

For First Class travellers, you can enjoy access to our exclusive First Class Lounges. These are available two hours before departure and one hour after arrival at select stations and offer complimentary snacks and drinks.

Once onboard your First Class carriage, you are guaranteed your own table and can indulge in complimentary food and drinks served right to you. Our seasonal menu features fresh, delicious options, and a dedicated host will ensure your every comfort is met.

Whether you select First Class or Standard, you'll enjoy spacious seats, power outlets, and food and drink options.

Onboard essentials

Our Super Voyager trains offer everything you need for a smooth and enjoyable journey. From handy amenities to make your trip hassle-free to delicious refreshments to keep you fueled, we have you covered:

  • Bringing your bike: Explore your destination on two wheels with ease and find out everything you need to know about travelling with your bike
  • Keeping refreshed: Enjoy delicious snacks, meals and drinks from our onboard shop that are perfect for satisfying any craving during your journey
  • Pets on board: If you want to bring your furry friend along on your Avanti journey, we have plenty of tips to ensure a comfortable trip for both of you
  • Packing smart: We’ve got the space for everything you need on your trip, so explore our luggage policy to ensure nothing needs to be left behind
  • Staying connected: Our Super Voyager trains won’t get in the way of your work or streaming your favourite shows with our free onboard WiFi

Reserving seating

While you don't have to reserve a seat on a Super Voyager, it's a good idea - especially during busy times. When you book your ticket, you'll automatically be assigned a seat, giving you peace of mind for your journey.

If the seat assigned doesn’t meet your preferences or needs, our Seat Picker offers the flexibility to modify your reservation. You can use it to select from any available seats remaining for your journey and tailor your journey with us.

Not all the seats on our trains are reserved, though. On 10-coach trains, you’ll find unreserved seating on Coaches C and J.

Using the seating plan

When booking your Super Voyager journey, you can always choose your preferred seat if it’s available, whether it’s a window, aisle or table seat.

Be sure to check out our seating plan for an up-to-date visual guide to help you find the perfect spot on our trains.

Quiet coaches on our Super Voyager

If you value a peaceful journey for relaxation, focus, or simply some quiet time, we have designated Quiet Coaches. Found on Coaches A and G on 10-coach formations, they provide a calm and tranquil environment for undisturbed travel.

Accessibility onboard the Super Voyager

We're committed to making our Super Voyager trains accessible to all passengers.

For mobility-impaired passengers

  • Wheelchair spaces: Super Voyager trains feature specifically designated spaces for wheelchair users. In a 10-car formation, you'll find a wheelchair space in Standard Class in Coaches A and G, and in First Class in Coaches E and L.
  • Accessible toilets: Accessible toilets have been placed close to all wheelchair spaces and along the carriages. You’ll find them in Coaches A, B, C, E, G, H, J, and L.
  • Onboard assistance: Our crew are proficient in accessibility support and can assist with both boarding and leaving the train using the onboard ramps.

For passengers with sensory impairments

  • Audio visual information: Equipped with visual displays and public address systems, our trains keep passengers updated with live information, ensuring those with hearing or visual impairments are well-informed.
  • Assistance announcements: Trained to deliver announcements with clarity, our onboard staff are ready to provide additional assistance to those who need it. If you require help understanding onboard announcements, do not hesitate to reach out to our staff.
  • Assistance dogs: Assistance dogs are welcomed on all areas of our trains, ensuring they can accompany passengers requiring their support throughout the journey.

For passengers with additional needs

  • JAM card: We recognise and support passengers with the JAM Card, ensuring that our staff provide the necessary time and understanding for those with communication challenges.
  • Sunflower Scheme: Embracing the Sunflower Scheme, we acknowledge the sunflower lanyard as a discreet signal of hidden disabilities. Our staff are always ready to provide personalised support for those wearing the sunflower lanyard.

Our enhanced support services

  • Passenger Assist: Our Passenger Assist service provides tailored support for customers with accessibility needs. This includes help with reservations, bookings and arranging assistance at stations and onboard the train.
  • Travel Companion: We can provide you with further support via WhatsApp with our Travel Companion service. This allows you to instantly connect with dedicated staff for any assistance you might need along the way.

Super Voyager Routes

Super Voyager trains offer convenient connections across a wide network of destinations.

From London Euston, you can take a Super Voyager train on our routes to:

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