Best cultural hotspots and events in Coventry

Named as UK City of Culture 2021, Coventry is well worth a visit.

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4 mins read | July 20, 2022

Sat right in the heart of England, Coventry is a historic town to the south-east of Birmingham. During its years as ‘City of Culture’, Coventry focused on bringing the community even closer together with events taking place across the city centre. Here we’re taking a look at some of the most popular hotspots and events that take place in Coventry:

Coventry City of Culture 2021 and 2022

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Back in 2021, the magnificent ‘Coventry Moves’ opened. It was a day of ‘moments and shared experiences, designed to be enjoyed from home online, on the radio and on your timeline’. This unique celebration of Coventry’s culture during the pandemic meant the city could continue to come together even during the pandemic. As for the present day, there are still many amazing sites and historic places to visit in Coventry. From heritage and history to contemporary theatre, visual arts and large-scale festivals, Coventry has done the UK City of Culture proud. Find out more about What's On In Coventry here.

Godiva Festival

Godiva is an annual cultural feast named after Coventry's most famous equestrian, Lady Godiva. It is normally held in the War Memorial Park and is a music and culture festival which features big name acts and activities for old and young people to enjoy. It's run by Coventry City Council and is one of the most exciting and inclusive events the Midlands has to offer. Keep an eye on the official website for details - Find out more about the Godiva Festival.

Coventry Cathedral

Coventry actually has three cathedrals. And, every single one is worth a visit, but by far the most famous is the original, which can trace its foundation back to the 1300s. Its iconic status comes from the fact that it's now a mere shell, after it was almost destroyed by German bombing in 1940. A new cathedral was erected next door after the war, but the old one remains in place as both a monument to the destruction the city suffered and a sign of peace and hope for the future. It’s definitely worth a visit.

Herbert Art Gallery and Museum

It's worth visiting this 1960s-era art gallery simply to marvel at the architecture of the building, most notably the glass-covered extension built in 2008. Inside the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum you’ll find numerous collections, including archaeological finds, major artworks and social history exhibitions. It’s a fantastic piece of Coventry’s heritage offering.

Belgrade Theatre

Coventry's most famous theatre was naturally a key partner in the UK City of Culture programme, but many a visitor will enjoy the performances on offer long after the festival finished. Every branch of the performing arts as a place here, whether that's drama, comedy, music, dance and more. Take a look at what's on here.

Coventry Transport Museum

As a train company, we’re always interested in all things transport. This evergreen exhibition space celebrates the city's deep links with the motor industry. And understandably, thousands flock to this sublime venue every year. Daimler, British Motor Corporation, Jaguar, Chrysler and Peugeot have all made cars around here, and it was this industry that was partly responsible for the post-war immigration that so enriched local culture, cuisine and music in Coventry. In the museum, expect plenty of examples of the local produce, including land speed record holders, military vehicles and everyday run-arounds that changed life in the UK.

Getting to Coventry by train

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