The Best Places for Shopping in London

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Written by Will from our web team

7 min read | 14 May 2024

London has some of the best shopping options in the UK, no matter what you’re looking for. 

From high-end designer boutiques to independent markets selling artisan crafts, there’s truly something for everyone across London’s bustling shopping streets. With so much to do, it’s easy to spend a whole weekend in London taking in the city’s many shopping destinations. 

With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best places for shopping in London.

Why take a train to go shopping in London?

Three smiling women with shopping bags in conversation walking through London. 

Getting a train to London allows you to be right in the centre of the action, without having to worry about parking a car. 

Thanks to the city’s well-connected train, bus, and taxi routes, it’s simple to quickly travel around the city to various shopping areas across London.

Below, we run through some of the best places for shopping in London, whatever your style and budget. 

Shopping areas in London

Low shot of Soho in London’s West End. 

London has a truly diverse range of shopping options, from upmarket department stores in the West End to trendy independent shops in the East and South. 

Read on for a few key shopping areas in London and what you can expect to find there. 


Soho is one of the most famous shopping centres in London. Head to the area to see some of London’s best-known shopping brands, including:

  • Hamley’s: This famous toy store is the oldest in the world, opening its doors in 1760. Today, it’s a great attraction for adults and kids alike

  • Liberty’s: This upmarket department store stocks the latest designer trends and has a well-stocked beauty hall 

  • Carnaby Street: This pedestrianised shopping street hosts a lot of well-known brands, including Dr. Marten’s, MAC, Levi’s and The North Face

Notting Hill

Notting Hill is famous for its colourful houses, annual Notting Hill Carnival, and its starring role in the 1999 film of the same name. But it’s also a thriving shopping destination. Visitors should check out:

  • The Notting Hill Bookshop: This is technically a different bookshop than appeared in the film, as that one sadly closed in 2011. However, a new one opened shortly after in the same place. Sample a bit of film history as you browse the shop’s many books.

  • Portobello Market: The market is open every day except Sunday and has a special day for antiques on Fridays. Find everything from fashion to furniture at this thriving market on Portobello Road.

  • Alice’s Antiques: This famous antique shop dates back to 1887. Pop in for a range of vintage and antique collectables.  


East London’s Shoreditch offers a mix of small, independent retailers alongside a few more recognisable stores. The area is ideal for the shopper who’d rather stumble across a rare find than pick up something from a high-street name.

  • Boxpark: Impossible to miss when leaving Shoreditch High Street Station, Boxpark is a shopping centre made of disused shipping containers. Browse a pop-up fashion store or find your new favourite jewellery brand at this hub for independent retailers.

  • Brick Lane: A road between Shoreditch and Whitechapel, Brick Lane is famous for its Brick Lane Bagels and regular fashion and food markets. Vintage clothing brands Rokit and Beyond Retro both have shops here.

    You can also rifle through records at Rough Trade East. Once you’re done, the area is also home to some of the best curry houses in London to grab a bite to eat.

  • Spitalfields Market: Spitalfields is one of London’s oldest markets and is open seven days a week. The area is just a five-minute walk from the Overground station. Once there, you’ll find an open-air market with retailers selling fashion, accessories, homewares, and quirky finds 

Best shopping streets in London

A view down Oxford Street with a red double-decker bus passing by. 

Some of the best shopping areas in London can be found on just one street. From the iconic Oxford Street to the world-famous fashion stores on Bond Street, you could spend a whole day shopping on just one road. 

Below is an overview of some of the best shopping streets in London. 

Oxford Street

Oxford Street is one of the best shopping streets in London for high-street stores.

On this street, you’ll find something for every budget, including: 

  • Primark: The much-loved affordable clothing brand has a three-story store on Oxford Street

  • Marks and Spencer: The M&S on Oxford Street has five shopping floors, selling fashion, food, homewares, and beauty

  • Selfridges: An upmarket department store featuring designer fashion, beauty, and homewares 

Regent Street

Located just off Oxford Circus Station, Regent Street is an ideal place to visit alongside a shopping trip to Harrods or Oxford Street. Regent Street is one of the best places for shopping in London if you’re lucky enough to have a bit more cash to spend.

On this street, you’ll find:

  • Apple Store: Try out the latest iPhone or Mac in the Regent Street Apple Store

  • Burberry: Made famous by its famous checked print, Burberry has a flagship store on Regent Street

  • Reiss: Invest in casual basics at Reiss’ Regent Street store 

Bond Street

Bond Street is one of the best places for shopping in London if you’re looking for luxury. Designer stores and high-end retailers line this street in Mayfair.

On Bond Street, you’ll find:

  • Chanel: The iconic fashion brand has a luxurious store on Bond Street

  • Tiffany & Co.: Buy a thoughtful gift for a loved one or just window shop at this famous jewellery store

  • Fenwick’s: Sample a variety of designers all in one place

Where to go late-night shopping in London

A wide angle shot of Regent Street illuminated at night.
You might think the best places to shop in London are daytime attractions. However, the city has a thriving nightlife shopping scene. 

For shopping after dark, London has a variety of late-night opening stores and night markets. Read on for some of the best places for late-night shopping in London.


Westfield is a major shopping centre brand in London. It has two locations, one in Stratford in East London and the other in White City in West London. If you’re looking for late-night shopping in London, both have late-evening closing times. 

  • Both Westfield locations are open until 9 pm every day (except Sundays). They often open until 10 pm for special occasions, such as in the run-up to Christmas

  • Westfield is a great place to visit for high street shopping, including Boots, H&M, John Lewis, and New Look 

Brixton Village

Set in the heart of Brixton, Brixton Village Market has a huge selection of independent retailers and food stalls. The market is open until midnight every day except Sunday. 

Some standout shops in Brixton Village include: 

  • Rachel and Malika’s: A store selling unique lifestyle and home products, sourced from across Africa, South East Asia, South America, and India

  • Full Moon Designs: Handmade jewellery where there is often only one or two pieces made of each design 

  • SoLo Craft Fair: A store selling handcrafted items from local designers. They also host regular workshops 

Bohemia Place Market, Hackney

An independent market in Hackney where small businesses gather to sell food, fashion and gifts. If you’re looking for late-night shopping in London that also feels like a party, Bohemia Place is a good choice. 

  • Bohemia Place is usually open until 10 pm on Fridays and Saturdays, with live music events going on later into the night

  • The market has regular themed events, such as Black-Owned Hackney, The Rare Plant Market and the Hackney Christmas Market

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