Tales from the Tracks

An insight to life behind the driver's seat.

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Becky blog author avanti social team

3 mins read | 08 July, 2020

Everyone needs a train journey, even in isolation

In this 8-part video series, Tales from the Tracks, be inspired with the right to relax from the pressures of isolation by drinking in the best views of the West Coast Main Line as it takes you up from London Euston to Glasgow Central, through Rugby, Crewe and the Lake District.

With bright fresh sunshine, blue skies and fluffy clouds adorning the best of the British landscape, this series guides you up the Main Line using a front-mounted digital camera from the driver cab giving you uninterrupted views of the route through the country.

Experienced and characterful Avanti West Coast drivers Dave Egerton and Darran Townsend narrate each journey, bringing to life tales of the trainline from past decades - describing railway artefacts and potted human stories associated with the trainline - as well as highlighting spots of beauty you can enjoy today.

For nature lovers, the routes have a magnificent array of landscapes to enjoy. From train lines closely flanked by steep shrubbery and trees to routes that pass freely through villages and fields that stretch away into the distance, you’ll see every hue of the classic British countryside in summer.

How to experience each journey

Align the pace of your thoughts to the pace of the train as it glides along the track, and the lines and bridges flicker overhead.

And let the surrounding views wash over you, gently sliding into view and then disappearing behind you. Your vantage point from the mounted camera creates this sensation to brilliant effect, allowing the landscape to approach slowly, then gain in speed before being drawn past you and out of view.

Enjoy surprising interludes, such as disappearing into dark, circular brick tunnels as the bright orb of sunlight from the exit expands towards you, transporting you into the world again. Delight in relatable moments, imparted by your narrators, as they add the human touch to your experience.

And experience the fascinating tilting action of the Pendolino train through Berkhamsted as it almost rocks you with the curve of the track.

Let each journey guide your relaxation as it takes you all the way along the West Coast line, capturing each moment, and releasing it.

Leaving London

Pulling away from Euston, it's time to start our journey to Glasgow Central...

Tilting, Tunnels, Tring Cutting and The Great Train Robbery

Next stop - The Great Train Robbery - make sure you don't miss it!

The Royal Train, water troughs and the Birdcage

A regal stop off on route, our next video is all about The Royal Train.

Alongside the M1 and the Kilsby Tunnel

Here, make sure you watch out for a glimpse of the M1, as you sail past traffic at speed in the M1 and Kilsby tunnel instalment of the journey.

Passing through Rugby

Thrill in the brisk getaway of the Pendolino on its speedy 125 mile per hour journey (full tilt) through Rugby station.

Steam speed record and arriving in Crewe

In this section of the journey, as the train slows to a gentle pace to pass along the Crewe platform, don’t miss the beautiful brick arches on the right-hand side and the red lattice walkway overhead.

Beautiful landscapes

It's time to visit the vast and breathtaking scenery of the Lake District and beyond...

Arriving in Glasgow

Taken in the beautiful architecture of Glasgow Central station as the train draws into the station at the final destination and fitting end to the West Coast route.

While each leg of the journey has its own delights, there are some features of the West Coast route to look out for across the 8-part series - if you didn't catch them first time then you can always re-watch and see if you missed anything exciting!