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6 min read | 15 November 2023

Trafalgar Square, easily accessible via tube and train, is one of London’s biggest attractions. It’s famous for its fountains, stone lions, and the statue of Nelson’s Column.

Millions of tourists flock here to take in sights like Big Ben or soak up some history at the London Transport Museum.

If you’re travelling here, you may be wondering which tube station is closest to Trafalgar Square or what the top attractions nearby are. Our guide will show you the nearest station to Trafalgar Square, and how to make the most of your time here.

Why visit Trafalgar Square?

Trafalgar Square lion and a London red bus in the foreground with Big Ben/Elizabeth Tower in the distance
Built in 1843, Trafalgar Square gets its name from the famous battle in 1805. While the area commemorates Admiral Horatio Nelson, it’s also a hugely popular tourist site and is often a fantastic spot for New Year’s Eve gatherings.

The iconic public square also hosts the London New Year's Day Parade and the Muslim festival of Eid. The chimes of Big Ben are close by, and Buckingham Palace is a short walk away.

Trafalgar Square is a great spot for major transport lines. The nearest tube station to Trafalgar Square, Charing Cross, brings visitors to two major art galleries: the National Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery

Thanks to this, Charing Cross is ideal for art lovers, as well as mainline travellers in general.

Things to do near Trafalgar Square

  • Visit Buckingham Palace: The great gates of the home of the royal family are a 20-minute walk up The Mall. You might even catch the Changing of the Guards, which occurs several times during the week.
  • See the old masters: The National Gallery is on the north side of Trafalgar Square and entry is free of charge. Inside the cavernous interior are works by classic artists such as Botticelli, Cézanne, Constable, and Leonardo da Vinci.
  • Catch a movie: Leicester Square, on the Northern and Piccadilly Lines, is the place for big-screen film events. Hang around here for long enough and you might catch a red-carpet ceremony. It’s also close to the famous Chinatown for that dose of Asian culture.
  • London Transport Museum: This brilliant museum in Covent Garden has something for everyone. Kids will love exploring the trains and the secrets of the Underground, while adults shop for souvenir bags made from colourful tube fabrics.
  • Walk along the riverside: It’s just a 10-minute walk to the fast waters of the River Thames. Cross Hungerford Bridge and browse the South Bank for bars, restaurants, and pop-up markets.

Travelling to Trafalgar Square by train

Close-up photo of the Charing Cross Station sign with a yellow top
Coming to Trafalgar Square from the UK’s major cities is quick and straightforward by train. The best way to get there is to head to London Euston, one of the capital city’s busiest stations.

The nearest station to Trafalgar Square is Charing Cross, which serves Kent towns like Sevenoaks, Hastings, and Dover. To get to Charing Cross from London Euston, simply take a Northern Line tube.

Charing Cross on the Northern and Bakerloo Lines is the nearest tube station for Trafalgar Square. In the tunnels, find the exit that takes you to the Square. You’ll surface near St Martin in the Fields, opposite the iconic stone walls.

Manchester to London

Travel time from Manchester Piccadilly to London Euston via train is around two hours. The first weekday train is at 05:05 and the last one is at 23:37. On weekends, the first and last trains are at 08:05. An average ticket price for a midweek return is around £90.

Glasgow to London

The journey from Glasgow Central to London takes around four and a half hours. Weekday trains start at 04:28, and the last one of the day is at 00:48. An average ticket price for a midweek return is around £150.

Liverpool to London

The train journey direct from Liverpool Lime Street to London Euston takes around two and a half hours. On weekdays, the first and last trains are at 05:25 and 23:43, respectively. The average ticket price for a midweek return is around £50.

Milton Keynes to London

From Milton Keynes to London Euston the journey takes just half an hour. On weekdays, the first trains are at 03:30, and on weekends, they are at 06:39. An average ticket price for a midweek return is around £35.

Coventry to London

Travel time from Coventry to London Euston is one hour. For weekday journeys, the first train leaves at 05:39 and the last one at 23:34. An average ticket price for a midweek return is around £40.

Birmingham to London

From Birmingham New Street to London Euston takes around one hour and 20 minutes. On weekdays, the first and last trains are at 05:30 and 22:50. An average ticket price for a midweek return is around £30.

Travelling to Trafalgar Square with Avanti

Horatio Nelson on top of Nelson’s Column with a bright, blue sky in the background
A visit to Trafalgar Square is a guaranteed fun day out in London for all the family. Whether you’re visiting the art galleries or heading to the New Year’s Eve event, there’s something for everyone.

Book a train into London Euston with Avanti West Coast, then hop on the Northern Line to Charing Cross station. From this tube station, Trafalgar Square is a short stroll away. Here you’ll have access to many of the capital city’s main attractions.

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