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6 mins read | June 27, 2023

Pendulum door at Harry Potter World

Harry Potter World, also known as the Warner Bros Studio Tour, is a top attraction that promises to entertain, inspire, and excite. Many people have grown up listening to the stories of JK Rowling, absorbing the wizarding tales, and will want the chance to be immersed in the wizarding world.

The studio is in Watford, just outside of London. Travelling to Harry Potter World could take some planning.

With our travel guide, we will give you everything you need to get there. This includes the Harry Potter World address and the easiest routes to travel.

These will include how to take a car, bus, and train to Harry Potter World from London and beyond.

How to get to Harry Potter World

Despite being just outside of London in Watford, Hertfordshire, there are numerous ways to get to Harry Potter World. From trains, taxis, shuttle buses, and car routes, there are plenty of modes of transport to ensure a safe and easy journey.

The Harry Potter World website has plenty of useful information for visitors, including What3Words and Google Maps. There are also more details on where and how to use a taxi or shuttle bus to get to the venue.

There are also specific recommendations for those travelling from London to Harry Potter World, and for those travelling by car, should you need them.

Harry Potter World address

Harry Potter World can be found near the Watford Junction station, just outside of London. It might be useful to save the official Harry Potter World address before your journey to access it easily in maps or a Sat Nav. The address is:

Warner Brothers Studio Tour London

Studio Tour Drive


WD25 7LR

Getting the train to Harry Potter World

harry potter tour

Being so close to London means Harry Potter World is well connected on the train network. Watford Junction train station can be reached directly from both London Euston and Birmingham New Street stations.

If you are travelling from the midlands, west, or northwest of the country, the most direct trains to Harry Potter World will be through Birmingham New Street.

If travelling from the east, central London, or southeast, the train link through London Euston will be the most direct route possible.

There are also indirect train routes to Watford if you need to stop off at other locations as part of your trip. However, these could add additional time to your journey, so this will need to be taken into account when planning your train route.

London to Harry Potter World by train

Those living in or around London have access to Harry Potter World via the Euston train line link, which goes directly into Watford Junction station. From there, you have the option to board the free shuttle bus straight to the studio.

Alternatively, you can also catch the number 20 bus towards Hemel Hempstead, getting off at Ashfields. Then there is a short eight-minute walk from Ashfield to the studio tours.

Glenfinnan Viaduct where the Hogwarts Express scenes were shot

Travelling from London to Harry Potter World by car

Getting from London to Harry Potter World by car is also simple, if you’d prefer. This journey takes a little over an hour, allowing you to make the most of your time and explore other parts of London with your friends and family.

Starting from the A501, follow onto the B510 and onto Finchley Road

You will then move onto the A41, M1, and onto N Western Avenue/A41

Continue onto High Road and follow the road until you arrive at Harry Potter World

When you arrive, there is free-of-charge parking at the studios. Just be sure to have your booking at hand to show the car park attendant.

Other specific routes to Harry Potter World by car

If you are planning to travel from further outside of London by car, these are some of the most popular national routes to help you map out your journey:

From Birmingham

  • This journey takes approximately two hours
  • If travelling from Birmingham, the most direct route is via the M1 and M6
  • You can take the Aston expressway through to the A38 until you reach the M6 and M1
  • You will then take exit 6 on the M1 onto the A405 until you reach Harry Potter World in Leavesden, Watford

From Norwich

  • This journey takes approximately two and a half hours
  • This involves taking the A147 until you move onto the A11
  • Stay on the A11 until you can merge on the M11 towards Watford and then eventually the M25
  • You will then move onto the A405, following the directions to Leavesden. Here, you should take the third exit onto Aerodrome way, which will lead to your destination

From the south, e.g. Portsmouth

  • This journey takes approximately one and a half hours
  • If travelling from the south, such as Portsmouth, take the A27 until you can merge onto the A3 motorway
  • From there, take the A3, followed by the M25 onto Aerodrome Way, which will lead you to Harry Potter World

From the north, e.g. Leeds

  • This journey takes approximately three hours
  • If you are travelling from a northern location such as Leeds, you will need to take the M261 onto the M1
  • From there you will stay on until you take exit 6 onto the A405
  • Then take the A405 to Aerodrome Way, Leavesden, where you should reach the Harry Potter World studios
  • These journey times are an approximation of the routes available if you are wanting to travel by car to Harry Potter World.

Watford Junction to Harry Potter World

Harry Potter World Ice Statue

Whether you’re local to Watford or looking to sure up the final part of your journey, there are several routes available when travelling from Watford Junction to Harry Potter World:

The first and most hassle-free is to board the free shuttle bus that runs from Watford to Harry Potter World every 30 minutes. Shuttle buses start at nine o’clock in the morning and finish when the tour closes for the day. Use their online calendar to check when this will be.

An alternative bus journey is also an option for travel. From Watford junction station, catch the number 20 bus to Hemel Hempstead, exiting at Ashfield. From there it is an eight minute walk to Harry Potter World.

A final option for travel is a taxi from Watford Junction. Harry Potter World encourages visitors to use pre-booked taxis. You can also navigate your taxi using the postcode (WD25 7LR).

Embark on Your Magical Journey to Harry Potter World

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