The best Cotswolds walks to explore and how to get there

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6 mins read | June 19, 2023

Escape the bustling city and embrace the tranquillity of nature. Cotswolds walks offer the perfect opportunity to stretch your legs and enjoy picturesque landscapes. Discover our top picks for the best Cotswolds walks and the many ways to travel to this wanderer’s paradise.

Why visit the Cotswolds?

Find your ideal walk in the Cotswolds, whether you love exploring quaint villages, wandering through lush countryside, or a blend of both.

Conveniently located near London, the Cotswolds are just a short train ride from Paddington Station to Oxford, making for an effortless weekend getaway.

So lace up your hiking boots, grab your water bottle, and disembark on a memorable adventure!

The Best Walks in the Cotswolds

Cotswold Way

cotswold way.jpg

For avid hikers seeking a captivating adventure, the Cotswold Way is a must-do. This remarkable 100-mile trail stretches across the Cotswolds, starting at Chipping Campden and concluding in the historic city of Bath.

Don't fret if you're not up for the entire journey. The Cotswold Way meanders through a variety of idyllic villages, allowing you to tailor your walk to suit your pace and interests. Immerse yourself in the region's rich heritage and architecture, enriching your Cotswolds experience with spectacular discoveries.

Broadway and the Tower

For an unforgettable adventure with breath-taking views, make sure to add Broadway and the Tower to your list of must-visit destinations. Starting at the charming High Street of Broadway, this picturesque four-mile walk takes you through some of the most stunning landscapes of the Cotswolds.

broadway tower.jpg

As you make your way towards the Broadway Tower, you'll encounter some steep areas that will get your heart pumping and work out those quads. But don't worry, the effort is well worth it once you reach the Tower as you will be rewarded with some of the best views of the Cotswolds.

Brakspear Pub Trails

For a more leisurely experience that combines nature and relaxation, the Brakspear Pub Trails are the perfect choice. These 24 loops all begin and end at a pub, offering hikers of all levels a chance to enjoy the stunning beauty of the Cotswolds at their own pace.

Whether you're looking for a short stroll or a more challenging hike, the Brakspear Pub Trails are suitable for hikers of any experience. With a wide range of distances and elevation gains, you're sure to find a trail that suits your needs.

Plus, there are few better ways to celebrate the end of your walk than with a refreshing pint at one of the region's iconic pubs.

Rollright Stones Walk

If you're looking for a walk that combines ancient history with stunning views, the Rollright Stones Walk is a must-do. This six-mile loop starts and ends in the charming town of Chipping Norton, taking you on a journey through time and space.

As you make your way through the idyllic Cotswolds countryside, you'll encounter the Rollright Stones, a Bronze Age megalithic complex that has been shrouded in mystery and legend for centuries.

Explore this ancient site and marvel at the sheer scale of these towering stones, which are said to date back to the Neolithic period.

Bath Skyline Walk

For a walk that combines history, archaeology, and stunning views, the Bath Skyline Walk is a must-do. This six-mile loop starts and ends in the heart of the city, taking you on a journey through the region's rich heritage.

Historic Bath Abbey and roman baths building in Bath

As you make your way through the city and its outskirts, you'll encounter Roman burial sites, Iron Age forts, and archaeological digs that offer a fascinating glimpse into the past. Once you’ve climbed Little Solsbury Hill, you can take in the sweeping views of the surrounding countryside and the ancient city of Bath.

How to drive to the Cotswolds

The Cotswolds lie inside the triangle created by the M5, M40, and M4. From there, the A46, A419, A429, or A44 will offer all the avenues you need to reach your Cotswolds destination.

How to get to your Cotswold walk by train

London Paddington to Bristol

From London, you can take a train from London Paddington to Bristol, which will bring you within easy reach of the stunning Bath Skyline walk.

London Paddington to Moreton-in-Marsh

If you're looking to explore either Cotswold Way or Broadway and the Tower, you can take a train from London Paddington to Moreton-in-Marsh. Both Chipping Campden and Broadway are just a short bus or taxi ride away from the train station.

London Paddington to Charlbury

To take up the adventure of the Rollright Stones Walk, you’ll want to get to Chipping Norton. The closest train station to Chipping Norton is Charlbury, which can be reached directly from London Paddington.

Exploring the Cotswolds with Avanti West Coast

As you lace up your walking boots and head out to explore the stunning Cotswold countryside, we hope we can help you plan your Cotswolds adventure.

Whether you're a seasoned walker or just starting out, the Cotswolds has something for everyone, from gentle strolls to challenging hikes. With picturesque villages, rolling hills, and breathtaking vistas, it's the perfect place to recharge your batteries and reconnect with nature.

Book your tickets for your hiking trip in advance and discover the beauty of the Cotswolds for yourself.

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