Environmentally Friendly Train Travel

Find out more about our Environment and Energy Strategy where we are committed to making the environment our responsibility.

Environmental policy

Avanti West Coast Go Green is the name of our Environment and Energy Strategy designed to reduce our impact on the environment and make a positive difference in the world around us. We’ve adopted a systematic approach to allow us to do the right thing, not only for our customers, but for our partners and our communities.

Our services help to create strong, vibrant and sustainable local economies. We deliver
these in a manner that is safe, accessible, efficient and resilient. Our aim is to provide a
sustainable alternative to travel by air and private vehicles, in ways which minimise harmful
air emissions and climate impacts.

In the delivery of our services and the development of innovative transport solutions,
FirstGroup is committed to environmental protection and compliance. We will take account of
the environmental impact of what we do at the earliest stage of planning, and monitor our
impacts to help us to continually improve our approach and performance.

This Policy is applicable to all FirstGroup operations. A local version or interpretation of this
Policy is acceptable; however, all business divisions must have appropriate and effective
systems in place to ensure environmental aspects are identified and managed in accordance
with this Policy. Directors, management and supervisory staff from all divisions of our
organisations have responsibility to lead the delivery of our Policy. FirstGroup will ensure
that all employees are equipped and supported to ensure environmental protection and

Our commitment to continuous improvement and transparency
We will measure our environmental performance, publish key environmental indicators and
seek feedback on our success from interested parties to help us improve and to ensure we
are focussing our efforts on our most material issues.

Our environmental aims
Sustainable Transport: We will provide reliable, convenient and safe end-to-end travel
solutions, and work with our partners to drive modal shift towards low-emission, fuelefficient travel
Low carbon mobility: In support of international agreements on climate change, we will
consider and adopt technologies, fuels and controls to achieve a reduction in the
greenhouse emissions associated with our fleets and buildings
Reducing our environmental impact: We will work to eliminate or prevent the pollution
of water, air and land, nuisance and loss of biodiversity that could result from our
business operations
Building climate resilience: We will work with stakeholders to better understand and
minimise the impact of extreme weather and climate change on both our business and
our customers journeys
Efficient resource use: We will consider the environmental impact of the goods and
services we buy across their whole lifecycle, and establish minimum standards in relation
to these. We will minimise our production of wastes, including hazardous wastes and
waste water.

This policy will be reviewed by senior management annually or following major
organisational change to ensure it remains aligned with our vision. The policy will be
communicated and accessible to our employees and available to third parties as relevant.

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