How to Get To The Lake District from London by Train

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5 min read | 10 May 2024

Take a break from London by enjoying the breathtaking beauty of the Lake District. Whether you seek peaceful hikes, charming towns, or simply want to unwind in nature, the Lake District has it all.

Discover how to easily reach this iconic region by train, departing directly from London Euston Station. With routes to Oxenholme, Windermere, and Penrith, all that the Lake District offers is at your fingertips.

Why you should visit the Lake District

The Lake District offers the ideal escape from the urban grind of London. From simple pleasures to stunning scenery, here are some reasons why you should welcome a visit to the Lakes.

Escape the crowds

Leave behind the busy streets and constant noise of London. Hike scenic trails without any crowds or enjoy the peace of a picnic in secluded lakeside spots.

Discover the freedom of open spaces and enjoy the simple pleasures of solitude.

A taste of traditional Britain

Experience a side of British life far removed from the London experience. Explore historic market towns with cobbled streets and quaint, independent shops.

Step into traditional pubs with cosy fireplaces and discover the hospitality of Northern England. Embrace a slower pace of life that is sure to be a welcome change from the relentless energy of London.

Natural beauty

Swap London’s urban sprawl for the Lake District’s dramatic scenery. Explore iconic lakes like Windermere and Derwentwater. Their shimmering waters will be a stark contrast to the city streets of the capital.

Explore lush valleys, rolling countryside, and towering peaks. Leave behind the stress of London and immerse yourself in the vast, unspoiled landscape.

A wild world

Leave city pigeons and squirrels behind and encounter the diverse wildlife of the Lake District. Keep an eye out for majestic red deer, rare red squirrels, and playful otters by the lakeside.

Whether in one of the area’s wildlife parks or during one of your scenic walks, you’re bound to see species that you’ll never find in London.

Digital detox

Going to the Lake District from London offers the perfect chance to turn off from the constant connectivity of city life. A visit here means you can easily put your phone down and escape from social media.

Disconnect from your devices and reconnect with the abundant natural world of the Lake District. Enjoy the peace and quiet, away from the digital world.

Adventures on the water

Go from the gloomy waters of the Thames to the crystal-clear lakes of the Lake District. With a kayak, canoe, paddleboard, boat, or even wild swimming, you can explore the water and coves of the lakes.

Discover the freedom of open water, all while enjoying the striking views of your surroundings. These are aquatic adventures you won’t be able to find in London.

Several boats along the shore of Derwentwater during a sunset

How to get to the Lake District from London

Escape the bustle of London and easily reach the stunning Lake District by train. As the primary operator for the train lines travelling into the area, we can offer you the most convenient routes.

To get to the Lake District from London will usually take between two and a half and three and a half hours. All routes will start from London Euston Station and might require a platform change, but there are also plenty of direct services.

The exact details of your journey will depend on which of the Lake District hubs you choose to travel into.

London Euston to Oxenholme Lake District

Travelling to Oxenholme Station is often the fastest route from London, with journeys averaging around two and a half hours. With frequent direct trains from London Euston, this is a great choice as a convenient base for their Lake District adventure.

Oxenholme is the ideal gateway to Kendal and the Southern Lake District. It also offers connections to Windermere by both bus and train.

Essential journey info

  • Fastest journey time: Approximately two hours and 45 minutes
  • First train: 5:31 am on weekdays, 6:03 am on Saturdays, and 8:49 am on Sundays
  • Last train: 7:30 pm on weekdays, 6:30 pm on Saturdays, and 6:29 pm on Sundays
  • Changes: Often direct

London Euston to Windermere

Windermere places you directly in the heart of the Lake District. This makes it the ideal choice to access popular attractions like the boat cruises of Lake Windermere.

This route typically involves a change of trains, offering a chance to stretch your legs along the way. From Windermere Rail Station, you can enjoy easy access to both Bowness and Ambleside via the Stagecoach 599 bus.

Essential journey info

  • Fastest journey time: Approximately three hours
  • First train: 5:31 am on weekdays, 6:03 am on Saturdays, and 8:49 am on Sundays
  • Last train: 7:30 pm on weekdays, 6:30 pm on Saturdays, and 6:29 pm on Sundays
  • Changes: At least one change

London Euston to Penrith (North Lakes)

Penrith offers a unique starting point for a Lake District adventure, ideal for those seeking a quieter visit. Explore the charming market town of Keswick and take in the stunning views around Derwentwater.

With frequent direct trains to Penrith Station, it is a convenient gateway to your Lake District adventure.

Essential journey info

  • Fastest journey time: Approximately three hours
  • First train: 5:31 am on weekdays, 6:03 am on Saturdays, and 8:49 am on Sundays
  • Last train: 7:30 pm on weekdays, 6:30 PM on Saturdays, and 7:29 pm on Sundays
  • Changes: Often direct

A steam train passing through a bridge in the Lake District countryside

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