Getting to the Nearest Train Station to Wembley Stadium from the UK’s Biggest Cities

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4 mins read | June 27, 2023

Going to Wembley? Whether you’re travelling for a football game, a gig, or an exclusive stadium tour, Wembley Stadium is one of the UK’s most popular venues, and an attraction in its own right. It’s also easy to get to from all over the country, especially if you’re travelling by train.

In this guide, we’ll help you find the nearest train station to Wembley Stadium and give you Wembley Stadium directions, no matter where you start your journey. wembley stadium.jpg

Planning your visit to Wembley Stadium

As with any train journey, planning ahead is essential for getting the most out of your trip. If you’re visiting Wembley Stadium, the chances are you already have tickets to a big event. So it’s even more important to research train times and determine the best route. You can also save on your rail fare by booking in advance.

Think about which day of the week you’ll be travelling, and any seasonal or sporting events that could impact the journey times of public transport. You should also consider the time of day, as this can affect how long your journey takes.

Finally, remember that big events attract big crowds, so allow some extra time in case you need to queue outside the stadium or wait to exit the station after the event.

The nearest train station to Wembley Stadium

As the largest sports venue in the UK, Wembley Stadium is easily accessible by train and by London Underground, with Wembley Park being the closest train station in terms of walking distance. The option you choose will depend on where you’re travelling from and which line is the most convenient.

wembley park.jpg

The main train station is Wembley Stadium, which is just one stop west of London Marylebone on the overground network. Wembley Park tube station is situated on both the London Underground Metropolitan line and the Jubilee line, just two stops from Baker Street.

Each of these stations is a 10-minute walk from Wembley Stadium.

Then there’s Wembley Central, which is on the London Underground Bakerloo line and the London Overground line, and is a 20-minute walk away.

Manchester to Wembley Stadium

With around 200 miles between the two locations, there is no direct train from Manchester to Wembley. But you can get there in about three hours with one or two changes. The quickest route is from Manchester Piccadilly to Wembley Central, with a change at London Euston.


If you choose to travel to Wembley Park tube station instead, it’ll take you just a couple of minutes longer and you’ll need to take the tube and change at King’s Cross or walk to Euston Square to jump on the tube from there.

London to Wembley Stadium

Located in northwest London, Wembley is very easy to get to from anywhere in the capital. If you’re travelling by overground train, you’ll have to change at either Euston or Marylebone, depending on which Wembley train station you’re going to.

The quickest train route from London Euston is to Wembley Central, taking around 20 minutes on a direct line. If you want to get from Euston to Wembley Stadium station by overground train, it’ll take you 45 minutes and you’ll need to change at Marylebone.

If you’re heading for Wembley Park tube station, your journey time will depend on which part of London you’re coming from. For example, a journey from Waterloo takes around 35 minutes on the Jubilee line, while King’s Cross is just over half an hour away on the Metropolitan line.

Birmingham to Wembley Stadium

Birmingham New Street station

The nearest train station to Wembley Stadium from Birmingham New Street is Wembley Central and you won’t need to use the London Underground to get there. The journey time is between one hour and 40 minutes and two hours, with a change at Euston. If you’re coming from Birmingham International, the travel time can be as little as an hour and a half. You can also travel to Wembley Park or Wembley Stadium station in two or two and a half hours, with one or two changes.

Glasgow to Wembley Stadium

With over 300 miles between them, Wembley and Glasgow are a fair distance apart. The fastest route from Glasgow Central is to Wembley Park (underground only) or Wembley Central (which can be reached on the overground train), with a change at London Euston.

The journey time is six to six and a half hours, depending on your connection from Euston.

Liverpool to Wembley Stadium


While it might seem like a long distance at first glance, travelling from Liverpool Lime Street to Wembley Stadium only takes around three hours. The nearest train station to Wembley Stadium from here is Wembley Central station, with just one change at Euston.

Liverpool Lime Street to Wembley Park takes the same amount of time at just over three hours, changing for the tube at Euston.

Sheffield to Wembley Stadium

The best and fastest route from Sheffield is to London St Pancras, before using the London Underground to reach Wembley Park via the Metropolitan line. It’ll take just under three hours, giving you plenty of time to plan the rest of your trip en route.

You could also walk from St Pancras to Euston and take the overground to Wembley Central, but this would make your journey much longer.

Leicester to Wembley Stadium

Like Sheffield, the fastest routes from Leicester to Wembley Stadium require time on the London Underground. The quickest route is to take the train from Leicester station to London St Pancras, and then take the Metropolitan underground line to Wembley Park.

The journey takes an hour and 50 minutes, plus a 10-minute walk to Wembley Stadium.

Leeds to Wembley Stadium


Over 200 miles from Wembley Stadium, Leeds can be a long trip. The fastest route via train takes three hours and is from Leeds train station to Wembley Park. This route requires a change at London King’s Cross to get on the tube.

Travel to Wembley Central and Wembley Stadium is possible, but takes significantly longer, with three changes and time on the tube.

Bristol to Wembley Stadium

All rail routes from Bristol will take you to the nearest train station to Wembley in around two hours and 20 minutes, or two hours and 30 minutes if you’re heading to Wembley Stadium station. Bristol Temple Meads to Wembley Park is the fastest route, with one change at Paddington where you will get on the Metropolitan line.

Edinburgh to Wembley Stadium


Travelling from Scotland’s capital to Wembley Stadium takes five to five and a half hours. The fastest way to get there is from Edinburgh station to Wembley Park, which takes around five hours with just one change at London King’s Cross where you’ll hop on the tube.

Journeying to Wembley Central doesn’t take much longer at five hours and 20 minutes, but you’ll need to make two changes at King’s Cross and Euston. You can also travel with Avanti West Coast directly to London Euston, which takes around six hours, before changing for Wembley.

Travelling to Wembley Stadium

No matter where you’re visiting from in the UK, Wembley Stadium is located conveniently, with multiple route options available.

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