Early Bird Anytime Train Tickets

Save on train travel with Early Bird Anytime tickets. Book these cheap train tickets 15 or more days in advance for a 20% discount on the standard Anytime single fare.

Early Bird Anytime train tickets

A bit of foresight can save money on train tickets. If you know you’ll be travelling a few weeks  from now, the Early Bird Anytime is a great ticket option to save a bit of money. 

The Early Bird Anytime ticket is a single rail ticket you can book for a specific journey 15 or more days in advance. It’s an anytime ticket, so it’s available for peak hours as well as off-peak. It’ll also give you a 20% discount on the standard anytime single fare. When searching you might need to scroll down to find Early Bird Anytime ticket.


  • Save 20% on standard fares
  • Reserve yourself a seat
  • Valid for peak and off-peak hours
  • Semi-flexible train tickets: travel time can be changed in advance


  • Only available for single tickets
  • Not available on all routes 
  • Not available for first class

When can I book an Early Bird Anytime ticket? 

The Early Bird Anytime ticket is available until 15 days before you travel.
If your train is on the 15th  of October, for example, you can book your Early Bird Anytime ticket on the 30th of September  or earlier. If you miss that window, you won’t be able to get your Early Bird ticket, but we still have other cheap train tickets available online! ​

Can I use Early Bird Anytime tickets on any route?

You can get an Early Bird Anytime ticket if you’re travelling between London and Manchester,  Stockport, Macclesfield, Crewe, Stoke, Stafford or Wilmslow.
If your route doesn’t have an Early Bird option, you may be interested in ​Advance tickets​ instead. 

Can I reserve a seat with my Early Bird Anytime ticket? 

If you’re travelling on a weekday, you’ll be able to reserve a seat when you book your Early Bird Anytime ticket. It’s a standard ticket, so first class won’t be available, but you’ll still be assured of  somewhere to sit.
If your ticket’s for a weekend, you may not always be able to reserve a seat during booking.
We can help to sort that out.
Contact us at ​seat.reservations@avantiwestcoast.co.uk​ or 0345 528 0253 closer to departure, and we’ll help you get a seat. 

How flexible are Early Bird Anytime tickets?

When you book your Early Bird Anytime ticket, you’ll choose the train you’ll be travelling on. If you decide to switch your travel time later on however, you can contact us for assistance.

Where can I buy an Early Bird Anytime ticket?

You can buy the Early Bird Anytime ticket here, ​on our website​ or through our ​mobile app​. When  you book with us you won’t have to pay a booking fee, saving you that extra little bit of money. 

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