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How do I book train tickets for this route?

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Trains from Coventry to Birmingham International

Birmingham International is a station in Hertfordshire, just on the outskirts of the capital. Whether you’re getting on a flight or catching a connecting train, travelling from Coventry to Birmingham International is simple.

You can travel to Birmingham International from Coventry Euston in under 10 minutes, with tickets from £3.10.

Find the cheapest train tickets from Coventry to Birmingham International

To make the most of your trip, you don’t want to spend all your budget on getting there. To help you get the most out of your money, we offer a range of cheap train tickets and discounts to railcard holders.

Whether you’re travelling in Peak, Off-Peak or Super Off-Peak hours, we will help you find a ticket at the right price at a departure time that suits you.

Plus, if you’re heading away for a short break, we offer a range of 2 For 1 offers to attractions and events so you can find a deal to make your visit special.

For regular travellers, we have a range of season tickets, benefits and reward schemes that can help you save money or even upgrade to First Class.

Travelling in comfort with Avanti

Although it’s just a short nine miles to your destination, we want to make those 10 minutes feel seamless (even if you are carrying plenty of luggage).

For oversized suitcases that do not fit in the overhead compartments (with dimensions not surpassing 30 x 70 x 90 cm), designated luggage areas are available near the internal doors in each carriage.

Medium-size luggage (equivalent to typical cabin baggage), can be stored on the luggage racks above your seat. Just be careful and make sure it’s secure.

Book advance tickets to get the cheapest price with a departure time that’s ideal for you. Or, if you’re booking your trip last minute, use our Live Train Journey Tracker.

Travelling from Coventry?

Coventry is a city with a vibrant culture and historic legacy. The latter is most evident in iconic landmarks such as the Coventry Cathedral, which was famously bombed in the Blitz during World War 2.

Beyond its interesting past, Coventry is thriving as a modern city where you’ll find art, shopping districts and diverse dining options.

For those with an inclination to nature, Coventry provides easy access to nearby natural treasures like the Warwickshire countryside and the beautiful Cotswolds. A suitable gateway to the outdoors.

It’s also very close to the airport, meaning catching flights to Europe and beyond is incredibly convenient.

Travelling to Birmingham International?

Fly to over 150 direct destinations from Birmingham Airport. From European city breaks to incredible long-haul getaways, choose to fly from Birmingham this year.

The airport itself offers an array of engaging activities to make your wait worthwhile. From clothing and jewellery shops to last-minute travel essentials, the airport provides diverse amenities to enhance your pre-flight experience.

Birmingham International boasts four comfortable lounges, including Aspire, No.1 Lounges, and Clubrooms, all accessible to passengers.

First Class service

When you get to Birmingham International, you'll have full use of our First Class Lounge. The First Class Lounge is an ideal place to relax and unwind before your train departs.

It also provides an excellent setting to gather with friends before travelling. Take advantage of the complimentary beverage offerings while making use of the free, high-speed internet to catch up on emails before your flight.

These are the benefits of upgrading to First Class with Avanti West Coast. All this can be yours for much less than you might think. Learn all about First Class train tickets here.

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