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10 min read | Published 25 April 2023 | Updated 05 July 2024

LEGOLAND Windsor is a technicolour explosion of immersive kids’ entertainment. The park is so much more than just rides. This whimsical wonderland promises to draw little ones into a world of fantasy, thrill-seeking, and fun.

That’s why so many families head to the park every year. Many opt to get the train to LEGOLAND, especially as you can enjoy 2-for-1 LEGOLAND tickets when you travel with Avanti.

However, any veteran of the park will tell you that pre-planning is a must. To ensure you have as enjoyable a day out as possible, here’s everything you need to know about getting to LEGOLAND Windsor and how to make the most of your time once you arrive.

What to expect at LEGOLAND Windsor

Young boy playing with LEGO blocks.

A day out at LEGOLAND Windsor will see you navigating an array of different rides, attractions, and impressive LEGO brick experiences. The theme park is split into different ‘lands’, which are all clearly signposted.

There are also free Resort Guides and a free LEGOLAND app to help you get the most out of your day.

Walking around the theme park on foot is easy enough, but there’s also a fun Hill Train. This can be a good option for tired legs, as there are some steep areas to cover.

In terms of rides and experiences, there is so much to discover. This includes the magic of Miniland, which showcases incredible LEGO models of iconic destinations around the world. But there are also exhilarating rides, enchanting shows, and more.

Ensure your day contains maximum fun and minimal stress with the information below.

Ages and heights

LEGOLAND is ideal for kids between the ages of three and 12. Still, preschoolers can have lots of fun here, too. It’s worth noting that infants under 0.9m get in for free.

Kids under four won’t be able to go on most rides, but there’s still plenty to watch and enjoy. However, if you’ve only got toddlers, you might find it’s worth waiting until they’re a little older so they can make the most of their visit to LEGOLAND. 

LEGOLAND has height restrictions for most rides, so checking these before booking tickets is essential. Likewise, have a look at height restrictions before jumping into an hour-long queue!

Many LEGOLAND rides require kids to be at least 1.3m tall, although some allow slightly smaller children. Kids under 1.3m tall can often ride if they have a responsible person who’s 16 years or older with them.


Ticket prices vary depending on which day you want to visit LEGOLAND. But one thing’s certain: you’ll save money by booking in advance.

At the moment, day tickets for the main season (which often runs until the end of October) cost around £68 if you buy them on the day. However, tickets are often almost half the cost when you buy them in advance.

Even booking online the day before you want to go could see you make a good saving.

You can also purchase annual passes starting at £59. These will get you a year’s entry to the resort, plus extra perks such as free parking and discounts on food and drink. 

Be aware that there are some entry limitations on the cheaper annual passes. If you want more flexibility around when you can go, opt for the LEGOLAND® Gold Pass. 

Opening times

Opening hours for LEGOLAND may vary. The most common opening times are 10:00 am to 5:00 pm in March, then 10:00 am to 5:00 pm from April to November. The park is also occasionally open for seasonal events. 

It’s best to check their online calendar for the most up-to-date opening hours and dates. 


If you’re arriving by car, there’s plenty of parking at LEGOLAND. It costs £10 for the day or £8 if you book in advance. Car parking is included in the price of Gold Annual Passes.

Priority Parking is also available for those who want to park closer to the entrance. This costs £16 per car, or £13 if you book in advance online.

Rides and attractions

There’s a huge choice of amazing experiences on offer at LEGOLAND. The rides range from thrilling roller coasters to water rides, while attractions include driving around in brightly coloured LEGO-style cars and immersive 4D experiences.

There are rides suitable for a range of different ages. For example, the DUPLO Dino Coaster offers preschoolers a great first roller coaster experience. There’s also the DUPLO Airport that lets little ones steer their very own helicopters.

For primary school-aged children, rides like Mia’s Riding Adventure provide endless thrills as kids ride horses in the air. There’s also Hydra’s Challenge, an experience that sees kids steering jet boats through the twists and turns of an exciting water ride.

The whole family will love strolling through the Enchanted Forest, a mystical, immersive walk-through experience. Miniland rarely has queues, but it is a must for all LEGOLAND visitors. Don’t be put off by the fact it's not a ride, as this LEGO brick world is mind-blowing for kids and adults alike.

Overall, there are over 55 rides and attractions to explore, so it’s worth downloading the LEGOLAND app to get familiar with these before your trip.


Like any popular theme park, LEGOLAND rides and attractions can rack up some sizable queues.

You can expect to wait an hour or more for the most popular rides at peak times (11:00 am to 4:00 pm). This doesn’t have to get in the way of you having a great day, though. You just need to formulate a bit of a game plan:

  • Write a priority list of rides and experiences you want to go on before heading to the theme park.

  • Head to your priority rides as soon as you arrive. Many visitors will go straight for the first rides they see, meaning those further into the park might have shorter queues earlier on.

  • Use the LEGOLAND app to keep an eye on queue times throughout the day. Sometimes, you’ll find certain rides randomly get quieter.

  • Try to intersperse longer queues with more leisurely activities that don’t require waiting. This can prevent little ones and adults from getting overwhelmed.

  • Save some rides for after 4:00 pm (if things don’t get too tiring for you), as the park starts to empty at this time. 

There is the option to buy something called ‘Reserve and Ride’, which used to be called Q-bot. This allows you to either jump or reserve your place in queues, so you can queue ‘virtually’ while you’re off doing something else in the theme park.

Jumping queues is more expensive than reserving a spot. Reserve and Ride prices range from £25 to £90 per person.

Food and drink

There are various restaurants and snack vendors throughout LEGOLAND, serving up classic fare like pizza, pasta, burgers, and paninis. However, it’s worth remembering that you can bring your own picnic and snacks to the theme park if that suits you better.

If you decide to bring a cool box, it’s advisable to leave this in the car. You can get a stamp from a member of staff that lets you exit the theme park to collect your picnic when you want to eat.

There are plenty of places to buy soft drinks throughout the theme park, and you can also ask for free tap water from its restaurants.

Getting to LEGOLAND from around the UK

A father, mother, and two little kids looking out of a train window together.

Whether you're travelling from Birmingham or Bristol, there are many convenient ways to reach LEGOLAND Windsor from around the UK. Here’s what you need to know about getting to the theme park by train, bus, or car. 

How to get from London to LEGOLAND

There are a couple of routes you can choose from to get from London to LEGOLAND by train: 

Once you arrive in Windsor, you’ll be able to get a shuttle bus service over to LEGOLAND, which takes about 10-15 minutes. It’s worth noting this isn’t a free service.

How far is LEGOLAND from London by car?

LEGOLAND Windsor is around 43km west of Central London. If you choose to drive, the quickest route is via the A4, then the M4. This takes roughly an hour, although the exact time will depend on traffic and where you’re coming from.

If you use a Sat Nav system, use the postcode SL4 4AY. Once you get close, follow the local brown tourist information signs directing you to LEGOLAND. Some Sat Nav systems may take you to the wrong place.

How to get from Reading to LEGOLAND

To get from Reading to LEGOLAND, first make your way to Slough. You can do this by taking the Elizabeth Line ube or the train. 

From Slough station, walk to the Wellington Street bus stop and catch the 702 ‘Greenline’ to LEGOLAND. The journey takes a little over one hour.

Alternatively, you can drive from Reading to LEGOLAND in around 30 minutes. 

How to get from Birmingham to LEGOLAND

To get to LEGOLAND from Birmingham by public transport, get the train from Birmingham New Street to Reading. From here, take the same journey as above.

It takes approximately two hours to drive from Birmingham to LEGOLAND.

How to get from Bristol to LEGOLAND

If you’re starting your journey in Bristol, catch a train from Bristol Temple Meads to Reading or Slough. Again, you can pick up the journey from Reading as described above. 

The drive from Bristol to LEGOLAND takes around one hour and 40 minutes by car.

Is one day enough for LEGOLAND UK?

Lots of people choose to visit LEGOLAND for the day. As there’s so much to pack in, it helps to:

  • Get there early, as you should aim to enter the theme park as soon as it opens.

  • Plan your day, including which rides and attractions you most want to visit.

  • Consider buying Ride and Reserve to cut down the queuing time.

  • Bring some of your own drinks and snacks, as these can help keep your spending down.

You can also stay at the park overnight if you’d prefer a more leisurely visit. There are currently two main hotels to choose from, with another opening soon.

  • The LEGOLAND® Resort Hotel features themed rooms for pirates, princesses, and more.

  • The LEGOLAND® Castle Hotel is inspired by knights, wizards, and faraway lands.

  • The LEGOLAND® Woodland Village, opening in May 2024, will allow families to reconnect with nature in their retreat-themed accommodation. 

A stay at one of the official hotels may include extras such as theme park tickets, an in-room treasure hunt, free gifts, and more. 

Alternatively, you can stay at one of the many other hotels nearby. LEGOLAND®’s partner hotels offer many of the same perks but are not located within the park itself.

More UK theme parks you can visit by train

Silhouette of people having fun on a rollercoaster in an amusement park at sunset.

Looking for more adrenaline-fuelled adventures for the family? The UK has many more excellent resorts and theme parks you can visit by train

Check out the following guides for helpful information about what to expect from each and how to plan your journey there: 

Travel by train to LEGOLAND with Avanti

We hope this guide helps you plan the perfect day trip to LEGOLAND with your little ones. A bit of pre-planning and organisation goes a long way when it comes to making the most of your experience.

Remember that if you’re getting the train to LEGOLAND Windsor, you should always book in advance to get the cheapest train tickets. The nearest train stations to LEGOLAND Windsor are Windsor & Eton Riverside and Windsor & Eton Central.

For further savings, booking Off-Peak tickets is a good idea. Family & Friends Railcards and child train tickets can also make travelling with kids even cheaper.

Heading to LEGOLAND

You can buy your tickets through Avanti West Coast. Buy your tickets directly to save on fees. You can save even more by booking as a group, booking in advance or buying a Railcard.

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