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3 mins read | June 19, 2023

Crazy golf is a fun-filled event option, whether your group is big or small. This has never been more true than at Manchester Junkyard Golf with its three miniature golf courses.

In this guide, we will provide you with information on what to expect. You'll learn what to consider when planning your Manchester Junkyard Golf experience and how to best plan your journey.

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What to expect at Manchester Junkyard Golf

Crazy golf is a fun choice of activity for any group size, from larger gatherings to events for two. It's sure to amuse and create lasting memories. Perfect for birthday parties, work do’s, and anything in between.

As far as crazy golf locations go, Manchester Junkyard Golf is sure to entertain.

Each course has a multitude of different themes and obstacles. Manchester Junkyard Golf’s colourful courses are made up of three of Manchester’s best mini golf courses: Pablo, Bozo and Gary.


Embark on an thrilling journey with Pablo, a golf course inspired by globetrotting adventures. Navigate ancient temples, command pirate ships and dodge volcanic eruptions while putting your golf skills to the test.

Pablo offers a truly immersive experience, transporting you to a world of exploration and excitement.


Bozo is a thrilling, spooky fairground-inspired golf course. It challenges players to outwit circus-themed obstacles.

Weave through eerie carnival attractions, such as a haunted Ferris wheel. Explore a mysterious fortune teller's lair and a hall of mirrors filled with surprises.

Bozo ensures a memorable crazy golf escapade that will keep you on your toes.


Experience the fusion of vintage, industrial, and party vibes in Gary, the final course in Manchester Junkyard Golf's trio. Players will navigate a maze of scrap metal obstacles under vibrant lights and shimmering disco balls.

Gary offers a lively and festive conclusion to your crazy golf adventure. Enjoy putting atop a vintage car and sliding through a repurposed art-filled van.

Fuel Your Fun: Snacks and Beverages at Junkyard Golf Manchester

Junkyard Golf Manchester features captivating courses and well-stocked bars. Choose from a selection of ice-cold beers, expertly crafted cocktails, and flavourful mocktails to complement your golfing experience.

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Don't miss out on appetising snacks as you meander through the mini-golf courses, either. Enjoy cheesy pizza twists and nachos on the go. These are available with vegan alternatives, to suit everyone's preferences so no one needs to go hungry.

Planning your trip to Junkyard Golf Manchester

Before you can experience all that Junkyard Golf Manchester has to offer, you also need to plan your trip, and there are just a few things to consider:

Group size: Bookings for eight or fewer are available directly online. Just click on the booking link on their website and choose your date.

Larger group bookings require you to submit an enquiry, including your name and contact details, along with your preferred date, group size, and any questions you may have. From there the venue can get back to you.

Budget: For a group of eight people or less, the ticket prices for 2023 are £10 per person during the peak times of Friday to Saturday, and £8.50 a person during the off-peak times of Monday to Thursday.

Groups larger than eight can choose from a variety of package deals including the more basic package ‘Playing For Fun’, which includes one round of golf, a visor and two soft drink tokens. In 2023, the price of this package is £21.50 on peak and £16.50 off-peak.

The most advanced package contains one round of golf, one visor, and four premium drink tokens. As of 2023, the prices of these tickets are £49.50 per person on-peak, and £44.50 per person off-peak.

However, these are not the only packages to choose from at Manchester Junkyard Golf. There are several packages in this range so be sure you have the most suitable options for your group outing.

Age of your group members: Whilst people under 18 are welcome to test their skills in these fabulous courses, they do need to be accompanied by someone over the age of 18.

Also, all bookings with group members under the age of 18 need to be made between Sunday and Thursday. No persons under the age of 18 are permitted in the evening after six o’ clock.

Getting the train to Manchester Junkyard Golf

Getting to Junkyard Golf Manchester is very easy by train and is only a short walk from the nearest station.

From Manchester Piccadilly station, you can take the Metrolink tram to Deansgate or hop on a train to Manchester Oxford Road.

After getting off the train, it is a half-mile walk, heading west on Whitworth Street.

All in all, the journey between Manchester Piccadilly and Manchester Junkyard Golf takes a little under half an hour, meaning getting there and back won’t dampen your fun.

Routes to Manchester

If you’re not local, you will need to plan your journey to Manchester. These are some of our most popular routes:

Bristol to Manchester

When travelling from the south of the country, such as Bristol to Manchester, your best route is through Birmingham New Street.

Catch a train to Birmingham New Street, and from there you need to change to a train heading to Preston.

Get off at Stafford and then catch a train to Manchester Piccadilly. The journey time depends on your initial destination, but on average it will take a little over three hours.

Shropshire or Wales to Manchester

If travelling from the west including Shropshire or Wales, then your best train route is through Shrewsbury.

Trains from Shrewsbury run directly from Manchester Piccadilly and take an average time of just under an hour and a half.

East of the UK to Manchester

Travelling from the east of the UK means that your journey into Manchester is best commuted through Sheffield. Trains from Sheffield to Manchester are direct and take around an hour.

North of the UK to Manchester

Northern commuters are best to travel through Leeds to get to Manchester. The train from Leeds to Manchester is a little over an hour, giving you time to relax and enjoy the journey, while also leaving plenty of room for Junkyard Golf.

London to Manchester

Finally, if travelling from London, trains run directly to Manchester from London Euston, and you can plan for your journey to take approximately two and a half hours.

An Adventure for Everyone at Manchester Junkyard Golf

For a thrilling day out or a night in Manchester, we're confident that Manchester Junkyard Golf is ready to tee off your excitement.

To book, head to Manchester Junkyard Golf online, choose your group size and either submit an enquiry (if your group size is above eight people) or book your chosen date and purchase your tickets online.

Embrace the laughter, conquer challenging obstacles, and relish in the unique atmosphere that Manchester Junkyard Golf has to offer. Start planning your adventure today with the Avanti app and get ready for an unforgettable Manchester Junkyard Golf escapade!

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