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What happened to Virgin Trains?

Avanti West Coast takes over from Virgin Trains at 0200 on 8 December 2019 as the new operator on the West Coast Main Line. Avanti West Coast is part of the West Coast Partnership Franchise which is owned by FirstGroup and Trenitalia. You’ll see familiar faces on your West Coast trains, because we have the same great staff staying on board. It means we can start delivering quality service from the word ‘go’.

Can I still use the Virgin Trains app?

You’ll need to download the new Avanti West Coast App, and sign-up as a new customer. No account details will pass from Virgin Trains to Avanti West Coast. Because tickets are not transferable from one app to the other, the Virgin Trains app will remain in place until all tickets on the Virgin Trains app have expired.

Will the Virgin Trains WiFi still work?

Avanti West Coast has taken over from Virgin Trains. “virgintrainsfreewifi” has changed to “Avanti_Free_WiFi”. You’ll need to re-register to use the free WiFi.

Can I still collect Nectar points with Virgin Trains?

Just like with Virgin Trains, you’ll get two Nectar points for every £1 you spend on tickets with us, even if only part of your journey is on an Avanti West Coast train along the West Coast Mainline.

Can I still claim Delay Repay with Virgin Trains?

Virgin Trains offered you Delay Repay if your train was delayed by more than 30 minutes. With Avanti West Coast you can claim Delay Repay if your journey has been delayed by 15 minutes or more. Depending on the time your journey has been delayed, you may be entitled to a full or partial refund on the price of your ticket. 

Can I still travel Virgin Trains First Class?

Yes Avanti West Coast will offer the same First Class experience as Virgin Trains.

Will I still get Virgin Trains meals and drinks in First Class?

Yes all the food and drink in First Class will stay the same with Avanti West Coast.

What will happen about my Virgin Trains seat reservation?

Don’t worry, any seat reservation you’ve made with Virgin Trains for upcoming journeys will still be valid with Avanti West Coast.

Will the Virgin Trains timetable still run?

When Avanti West Coast takes over from Virgin Trains the same timetable will continue to run.

Will my Virgin Trains ticket still be valid?

Don’t worry, any ticket you booked with Virgin Trains for upcoming journeys is still valid with Avanti West Coast, subject to the terms and conditions you purchased it under.

How do I refund my Virgin Trains ticket?

Visit the Virgin Trains help centre for details.

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As of December 8, 2019, Avanti West Coast have taken over the service from Virgin Trains.

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